The Guild

Bespoke Jewellery Makers
07756638228 (Benjamin) 07835334514 (Jacqui)

4, Byram Arcade (Ground Floor)

About Us

Tucked away with in the beautiful Victorian Byram Arcade, you will find The Guild: where artisan jewellers Jacqueline and Benjamin decided to set up their shop. At The Guild jewellers we personally carry out the whole development of your piece of Jewellery from initial design to finishing and polishing. We begin with a brief and ideas, work to develop specifications and hand make the finished piece. We carry out timeless traditions by hand piercing, forging, filing and sanding from sheet and wire, then soldering together the components and finishing each piece by hand.

Some of the techniques used integrate modern technology and casting using lost wax methods and hand finish each piece by polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and cold enamelling or kiln firing with glass enamel. Our work includes all remodelling/redesigning and we can even provide a step by step photography of your design as it progresses if you are interested in the manufacturing process.