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Byram Arcade Record Fair

30th June 2019

Record Fair, Byram Arcade

This lovely venue is packed full of sellers from all over the UK promising a wonderful selection of records for you to buy. Early booking for stall holders is essential as we have been full at every event so far!
Free Admission.

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Woven Makers Market

14th & 15th June 2019

Woven Festival, Huddersfield

Artist Helen Williamson from Byram Art & Design Studio (36 Byram Arcade) will be contributing to the Woven Festival. Helen said,

“The installation will be made using woollen yarn. The cones of yarn will be placed in an old Victorian large wicker basket, used in mills to transport wool.

The basket will be located on the ground floor, near the main entrance. From the basket many lengths of coloured yarn will be drawn upwards to the second floor onto a supporting wire, and then across the full length of the arcade. (None of the yarn will come over the balconies onto the walkways).

The colourful installation is intended to have a strong visual impact and hopefully enjoyed by visitors to the arcade. Interested onlookers will maybe want to look down at the lengths of coloured yarns from the upper floors to better appreciate the artwork.”

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Byram Art & Design Studio

May 2019

Byram Arcade are delighted to welcome the Byram Art & Design Studio at number 36 Byram Arcade. The Studio is operated by Helen Williamson, who’s an artist and who is involved with the Woven festival (including previous installations in the Packhorse Centre, see above image) and Nicola Thompson who is a design graduate.

Both will be sharing the Studio, but working independently, and hope to have exhibitions and workshops, as well as selling any extra pieces.
More details to follow shortly.

Town Centre Banners

May 2019

Byram Arcade Town Centre Banners

To celebrate and publicise our new website, Kirklees Council have erected these eye catching banners in Huddersfield Town Centre.